Solutions for dematerialization of bank checks and for receipts automation

Optimized management for your receipts

The OPTI solutions, designed to manage in a single stream checks and check sized documents (coupons, vouchers, …), bring, through innovative technologies and proven processes, concrete answers to the needs of automation and optimization of customer payments

Optichèque presentation

Optichèque allows you to process all of your checks, from scanning them to sending the flow securely to the bank and exporting the data to your management software.

They incorporate the latest innovations, both for the readers and the OCR/ICR engines.

Sycomore Transferts multibanques sécurisés


Traceability of remittances

Reduction of errors

Paperless data archiving

Management of access rights

Sycomore Productivité


Limitation of manual tasks

Optimization of accounting

Acceleration of bank
remittance process

Opti Réduction des coûts

Cost reduction

Resource optimization

Reduction of shipping costs

Removing the archiving
cost of bank checks

Advanced features

  • Scan your checks and documents (Invoice’s footers, coupons, A4 papers …)
  • Direct recognition for OCR, OCR-B, barcode, QR code …
  • Reading and automatic control of the amount and the CMC7 line
  • Checking the consistency between the amount in figures and words
  • Checking the presence of legal notices (Recipient, date, signature)
  • Endorsement : configurable up to 4 lines of text and a signature
  • No limit in archiving and consulting of your scanned checks
  • Creating an accounting integration file compatible with your business software
  • Process advanced treatments (data enrichment, customer base import, blacklist management ..)
  • Creation and tele-transmission of the bank remittance

Check scanner

With its diversified range of scanners, Optichèque can adapt to your needs and to the volume of checks (from 200 to more than 20,000 checks to be processed per month).

Scanner optichèque

The PROs for Optichèque

  • Dedicated support service, based in Rennes (our headquarters)
  • Multi-bank, multi-account, multi-entity solution
  • Software recommended by many banks
  • Specialized module for the real estate sector (bulk delivery)
  • Compatibility with all ERP and management software

They trust us