MOBIPACK: A «MobileBanking» solution

Mobile solutions for flow and check management

At any time, any place, manage your transactions from your mobile

An innovative and secure “MobileBanking” solution, mobipack allows:

  • Mobiflux: Validation of orders.
    In connection with our EDI applications Sycomore and PmFlux, you can check account balances from your various banks and validate payment orders for immediate acceptance. Comments and attachments associated with operations help to strengthen your decision. Notifications alert you on what to do in respect of the kinematics associated with the standard EBICS TS.
  • Mobicheque: Scanning and processing checks.
    From your smartphone, you can scan and process the handing of checks for immediate acceptance by your accounting department or your bank. Recognition of the check number and amount are automatic. A unique feature secures the check reliability thanks to the real-time consultation of the national register of irregular checks from the Bank of France. You can accept your checks with confidence.
Opti Gains de productivité

Productivity gains

Wherever you are in the world, you are synchronized with your accounting and banking.

You optimize treatments and bank remittance.

You decide at any time to accept or refuse a banking operation, on criteria you set.

All your actions are subsequently available for consultation. Your checks are scanned and archived.

Opti Sécurisation


All your mobility operations are completely secure:
The device is enrolled with the associated application from the first connection.
The security features may be supplemented by an electronic signature.
At any time you can revoke the device in case of loss, theft,

With full accreditation process:
Associated with Sycomore, you have a fine management of authorizations by type and amount of transactions.

ScanToPay Simplicité et Souplesse


Featuring an intuitive and ergonomic interface, mobipack concentrates the best technology to simplify operations in mobility.

You are notified as soon as your action is required. The history of events helps you track your operations.

For greater flexibility, all mobile transactions are also possible from a browser connected to the EDI management tools Sycomore and PmFlux.


Your responsibilities bring you to many trips, MobiFlux is so the right tool for you to always decide to execute banking operations.

  • In association with Sycomore and PmFlux solutions, banking operations are fully optimized and secured by validating flows generated by your accounting. Comments and attachments (invoices, pay slips, ..) are enhancing your decision.
  • The fine management of authorizations and workflows, combined with the implemented security mechanisms, strengthens you in managing fraud, including so-called “to the President.”


You are a business person on the move ? An itinerant merchant ? You lead in home  meetings for sales ?

  • The interface allows an audit, with a possible correction, of the data automatically generated by the character recognition engines (OCR / ICR).
  • You are confident about the validity of the check: verification of the presence of the mandatory information, immediate control from the bank of France (option),
  • Mobicheque allows you to process your checks to D-Day by electronic transmission. You have just send them to your accounting or your bank.


  • Use of new HTML5 technologies for greater portability and agility.
  • Immediately deployable on smartphones, tablets and phablets.
  • Available on Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Soon available on the marketplace from the new generation of card payment terminals : Ingenico Telium TETRA.