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Solutions for the management of payment flows

CEDRICOM offers solutions to facilitate and secure the exchanges between financial institutions and their partners (customers, leader, subsidiaries …). Our solutions also allow you to automatize your SEPA flows.

Our application servers are composed of independent and interconnected functional modules, tailored to each institution.

Built on proven technical frameworks, the transfer modules (EBICS T/TS, PeSIT, web portals …) and the treatments modules (control, audit, validation …), are adaptable to specifics needs.

Schéma Gestion des flux de paiements

Main modules :

Le portail web

The web portal offers to customers an efficient banks flows management (order entry, management of SDD mandates, single or multiple banks file transfer, statement processing, precise definition of clearance, internal workflow, files validation using electronic signature).

The accounts orders consultation and validation features are also accessible using smartphone.

Serveurs EBICS TS et PeSIT IP

The EBICS TS and IP PeSIT servers offer a secured file transfer service.

They allow you to collect flows from your customers.

modules clients PeSIT et EBICS

The PeSIT and EBICS client modules allow you to communicate with your banking partners and your customers.

Les modules d’administration et exploitation

Administrative and operating modules enable your teams to effectively and securely manage back office and flows. They benefit from an optimized and adaptive interface to improve productivity and ease of use.

module de traitement des données collectées

The collected data processing module verifies that the data transmitted to the processing chains are relevant. For each file type, processing workflow (control of the expected format, verification of the rights of issuers, bank validation) is suitable for your wishes. The provision of information from the SI, for customers is ensured by a module responsible for the collection, verification and data distribution to the recipients.

All our solutions are designed to easily integrate your existing infrastructure and the dedicated support ease your operation.

Features to reach your goals

Provide more services to your customers

  • Access files mode (EBICS)
  • Access portal mode (web banking)
  • Multi-currency
  • Entering and issuing orders
  • Order Confirmation
  • Management of direct debit mandates
  • Account statement reception

Improve the productivity of your teams

  • Tracking orders, statements and discrepancies
  • Tools for visualization, conversion, testing
  • Controls of standards, duplicates, accounts, amounts
  • Simplified management of subscriptions
  • Automatic account creation
  • Import accounts, authorizations
  • Tailored treatments of orders and account statements

Strengthen security

  • Multiple Clearances
  • Validation workflow
  • Certificates for authentication
  • Consultation of revocation lists
  • Evidence archiving
  • Audit on actions

Optimize your costs

  • Save your resources, in particular via our hosting offer
  • SaaS mode, replacing the initial investment by a subscription adapted to your needs
  • On demand offer thanks to the modularity of our products and services