Solutions Banque Hébergement


Hosting banking solutions for over 25 years, CEDRICOM has developed know-how and expertise in implementing, securing and hosting banking flows solutions.

Our hosting offer is designed to meet the demands of clients in the banking sector, including the Decree of 3 November 2014 (recast CRBF-9702) and the obligations of the Essential Services Outsourced Benefits (PSEE). It thus eliminates the operational constraints and avoid heavy investments in hardware and software.

Based on a virtualized high-availability architecture, our hosting allows flexibility and adaptability to a ramp up in activity.

Our dedicated team performs the operation of the platform hosting daily. His expertise ensures excellent quality of service and high availability applications.

The hosting of all our hardware and software infrastructure is performed in highly secure Netcenters.

These Netcenters guarantee :

  • Highly available services
  • Physical security for the platforms
  • Redundancy of telecom operators

The entire platform is redundant on a geographically separate backup site, allowing the establishment of the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

The hosting architecture and the organization of our internal teams guarantee :

Hébergement Disponibilité du service

Service availability

  • A virtualized architecture and redundant servers with load balancing
  • A broadband, redundant and fault tolerant Telecom architecture (SFR and Orange Business Service)
  • An highly secured and monitored netcenter accommodation
  • Protection against denial of service attacks
  • Protection against injection attacks
  • Supervision of facilities and operations
  • A Recovery Plan
Hébergement Confidentialité des données

Data confidentiality

  • Encryption of flows between the user station and application servers (using TLS / SSL certificates and SHA256)
  • Protection of the platform by firewalls
  • VLAN segmentation guaranteeing sealing between networks
  • Systematic update systems for correcting the security flaws
  • Strict procedure regarding clearances and access to databases by administrators
Hébergement Intégrité des données

Data confidentiality

  • Real-time data replication on a substitution server ready to take over in case of failure of the nominal server
  • Real-time data replication to the backup site
Hébergement Niveau de sécurité élevé

A high level of security

  • Automated testing of system vulnerabilities every day (ITRUST platform)
  • Tests of intrusions and vulnerabilities of the platform by external companies specializing in computer security
  • A daily technology watch approach on computer security (alerts notifications from specialized sites such as ANSSI)

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