ScanToPay Office

ScanToPay Office

Processing solution in SaaS mode for invoice payment by check

Dematerialize and speed up the processing of your bill payments, made simple

ScanToPay Office is a packaged turnkey solution, simple and secured, to automate the scan recording for the payments by check and to perform the tele-transmission to the banks.

Flexible, intuitive and with low technical constraint, SCANTOPAY OFFICE consists of a scanner connected to the Internet and a software application to be securely accessed in SaaS . Its features eliminate manual tasks to record checks, secure the processing, optimize bank restoration time and simplify the update of customer accounts.

ScanToPay Retour sur investissement

Return on investment

Checks received on D, transmitted into bank at D

Cost reduction through automated processing

No investment, smoothing the cost, clarity of budget

ScanToPay Simplicité et Souplesse

Simplicity and flexibility

Low technical footprint (scanner)

Treatment and monitoring through an Internet connection

Possible deployment on multiple sites

Automatic delivery of updates

No dependence with the user station

ScanToPay Sécurité


No manual processing, scanning at source

Access on authentication

Secured and centralized treatment

Traceability of logical and physical exchanges

ScanToPay Intégration à vos outils de gestion

Integration with your management tools

Export files to update customer accounts

TLMC files remotely transmitted to the bank

Control and monitoring of financial flows

For what usages ?

  • Checks and coupons
  • Check letters
  • A scalable solution to handle restaurant vouchers, gift certificates, cash vouchers, SEPA mandates …

Key features

  • Electronic bank deposits, checks and endorsement using Burroughs scanner
  • Automatic online CMC7 reading and amount recognition using ICR
  • Online controls and data input via a web interface
  • Generation and export of TLMC files to the bank
  • File import for invoice matching
  • Web search for datas and images (3 months)

Extended options

  • Archiving and consultation extended to 1 year period
  • Traceability services for processing check
  • Monitoring and control services of the unpaid